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Winter paver patio care…

Ryan’s Landscaping Winter Paver Care TipsHanover Paver Patio Snow Removal Care - Ryan's Landscaping

With winter weather here Ryan’s Landscaping would like to take a minute to give some tips on how to care for your paver patio to ensure that it looks beautiful come spring. Whether we completed a project for you or you had someone else do the work, these are general rules that apply to all.


De-icers are the enemy of concrete pavers

Regardless if you have a tumbled paver driveway or a beautiful prest paver sidewalk; salt will destroy your investment. Try to refrain from throwing any kind of salt products on concrete pavers. We suggest using kitty litter in place of salt. Will it melt the ice? Probably not, but it will give you some traction for walking across it during the winter and it is easy to clean up come spring.


While sealing of concrete pavers is not typically necessary, it does add a layer of protection for it during the winter months. Does this mean that we recommend using deicers since your paver patio is not sealed? Absolutely not! However, if you have a concrete paver driveway you may want to give it a shot of sealer in the fall. You are constantly dragging salt from the street across your driveway during the winter months and this may help to prevent some issues.

Shoveling Snow, Plows, and Snow Blowers 

When Shoveling snow off sidewalks, we recommend using a plastic shovel. Metal shovels have a tendency to scratch pavers and would destroy the seal on sealed patios. These damages are hard and costly to fix. For driveways we recommend using snow blowers which have shoes to protect the pavers. Set the depth gauges up 1/8”-1/4” to help protect from scratching.

Sweeping and Cleaning

While this is not absolutely necessary it cannot hurt. If you get a nice warm winter day after the snow has melted don’t be afraid to give your paver patio a good sweeping if deicers were applied to them. This will help get those products off your concrete to prevent unnecessary damage.


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Ryan’s Landscaping is a certified Gravel-Lok installer…

Gravel - Lok Certified  Installer Hanover, Pa 17331 Ryan's Landscaping - 717-632-4074Gravel-Lok is a single component, moisture curing liquid scientifically designed to bond together a wide variety of aggregates. When combined with Cell-Tek’s LSG Series Load Support Grid, the result is a permeable and durable natural stone pavement system which can be utilized in a wide variety of civil, residential and industrial applications. The system is also an ideal solution for municipalities, parks and other government porous paving projects as well as stonescaping applications in residential areas. Maintaining the strength of traditional paving methods, nothing is sacrificed while creating an economical, decorative and functional pavement system.

Gravel - Lok Certified  Installer Hanover, Pa 17331- Ryan's Landscaping - 717-632-4074

Ryan's Landscaping is a Certified Installer of Gravel-Lok in Hanover, PARyan's Landscaping is a Certified Installer of Gravel-Lok in Hanover, PA

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Your new sod will give your yard instant grass after installation…

Sod Installation Hanover PA | Gettysburg PA | Lay Sod | Install Sod 17331 & 17325 The installation of sod is a popular way to establish a new lawn. Most of the sod purchased is a blend of different Kentucky bluegrass varieties or a mixture of other common turfgrass types (i.e., fine fescue, perennial ryegrass, tall fescue). When installed correctly on properly amended soil, in the appropriate sunlight conditions and where correct maintenance is provided, a sod lawn can be a valuable part of your landscape.

Instant Lawn

Sod turns a bare patch of ground into a grass-covered lawn as soon as you finish installing it. You get the instant satisfaction of having a green yard. A seeded lawn requires several weeks before the grass grows in. The area looks patchy as the grass first starts to grow. A seed-planted lawn is often covered with straw or similar materials to protect the seeds, leaving the yard looking unattractive. If you don’t have the patience to wait for a dense lawn grown from seed, sod is a faster alternative.

Less Irrigation

Once installed, sod requires less maintenance than grass seed. Sod needs regular irrigation to keep it moist until it becomes firmly established, but the sod typically won’t dry out as fast as a grass-seeded area. A seeded lawn sometimes needs four or more watering sessions per day to keep the ground moist, depending on the weather conditions. Sod usually only needs to be watered twice daily. The less frequent irrigation saves on water and reduces your workload in caring for the new grass.

Faster Use

Because the grass is already grown, a sodded yard is ready for use faster than a seeded lawn. The young grass blades that emerge from seeds are delicate and susceptible to damage. Walking on the lawn and using it for regular activities like playing or entertaining may result in trampled or dead grass. Sod has a head start in growth. The roots usually become established in the lawn in two to four weeks. While light activity is still best in the first four to six weeks, sod is generally ready for use sooner than a seeded lawn.

Soil Protection

Grass seeds rest on top of the soil, leaving them susceptible to the wind. Until the seeds germinate and widespread grass growth is established, the soil is also more likely to blow away. Because sod is a thick mat of established grass, it covers the soil completely, keeping it in place. The covered soil also means you’ll carry less dirt and mud into the house when walking across the lawn.
Sod Installation Gettysburg PA | Lay Sod | Install Sod Gettysburg PA 17325

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Landscape Lighting Hanover, Pa 17331 & Gettysburg, Pa 17325 LED Landscape Lighting Contractor

A landscape looks great…during the day. But who really gets to appreciate it besides the mail carrier and anyone else who happens to pass by your home during the day? Outdoor lighting enables you to get much more use out of your landscape. With Professional landscape lighting your landscape will look beautiful year-round, even on the darkest winter nights. There are a myriad of design elements we can incorporate into lighting the landscape to evoke the particular mood you are looking for, whether it be romantic, mysterious, dramatic, or grand.


Security: Lighting can reveal dark areas in your landscape where someone might try to hide.


Safety: Outdoor lighting ensures resident and visitors can safely navigate around the property at night.  No more stumbling over steps in the dark, low-voltage lighting gives you and your guests the confidence to get around after the suns gone down.


Usability: Illuminating private areas of a property allow enjoyment on in to the evening on your decks, sitting areas, and recreational spaces.  You will be able to enjoy your patios party on into the evening hours!


Beauty:  Low voltage lighting highlights the architectural elements of your home, and accentuates the features of your landscape.  We can design a dramatic lighting display lighting your focal point; a fountain, a stature, the weeping branches of your Japanese Maple tree, focus a light onto the gentle splashes of your waterfall and get more bang for your buck from the features of your landscape by being able to view them even after dusk.


Economy: Low-voltage lighting consumes about 1/3 the electricity compared to high-voltage systems and is far less expensive to install.

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Hanover, PA Retaining Wall, Patio, & Walkway Installation

Do you want an outdoor breakfast nook? A stimulating place to work? A quiet haven of relaxation, or a place to lay back and stargaze together? Or do you wish you could use far more of the land you pay a mortgage for every month? 

Hardscaping Contractors - Hanover, Gettysburg, Littlestown, New Oxford, East Berlin, Abbottstown, PA
Whether it’s bringing the butterflies close, or keeping intrusions far away, we’re focused on outdoor hardscapes that cure drainage challenges, delight your senses, and amaze you with a renewed sense of possibility every time you step outside. We’re simply a more conscientious and creative contractor, committed to designing hardscapes in colors that accent your house, give you a wider space to enjoy, and an atmosphere of breathing room around every eye-catching curve. We welcome you to expect more from us. Because ultimately, not only are we providing a better platform on which to gather for celebration and relaxation…we’re building joy into the life of your home.
Hanover Retaining Wall Installation, RYAN'S LANDSCAPING 632-4074 This was a recent project we just completed in Hanover. The customers wanted to add entertaining area around there pool area. So we listened to there ideas, made a few suggestions, and here is the outcome! This is what you get when you have the right professionals, Ryan’s Landscaping install your outdoor projects.

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Keystone Retaining Wall Installation in Hanover, PA

This project features Keystone Retaining Walls block & Nicolock Pavers.

The customer expressed their issues with their existing area. They had some ideas, but asked for professional input. We made some suggestions and went to work on giving them an estimate in a price that fit their budget.

Keystone Retaining Wall Installation Hanover, PA 17331 - Retaining Walls - Gettysburg, PA 17325 - Ryan's Landscaping - Hardscapes
Here are the results when you have the qualified state licensed professionals at Ryan’s Landscaping install your projects. We turn outdoor dreams into a reality!

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Leslie from Hanover says…

“Service with a smile. That I can always count on with Ryan. His work is neat, attractive and he goes the extra mile. He’s willing to listen to ideas and offer up his own because he has a great knowledge of plants.”


Hanover, PA

Hanover Retaining Wall Installation, RYAN'S LANDSCAPING 632-4074Hanover Retaining Wall Installation, RYAN'S LANDSCAPING 632-4074


John & Colleen from Manchester say…

“Ryan and his crew did an excellent job in providing and planting the trees in most professional manner. They took their time and care in digging, planting, mulching and staking the trees. It’s nice when someone not just meets, but exceeds your expectations. We would highly recommend Ryan to anyone who wants the best professional landscaper around!”

John & Colleen

Manchester, MD

15' Tree Installation in Manchester, MD - Ryan's LandscapingOctober Glory Maple Tree Installation in Manchester, MD - Ryan's Landscaping


Water Gardens, Patios, Walkways, Hanover, PA Ryan's Landscaping

Derek & Natalie from Hanover say…

“Ryan did a tremendous job on our new patio, walkway and pond! He had several ideas that improved on our initial request and we are incredibly happy with his work and pricing. He finished the job ahead of schedule and right on budget and all of his employees are great, it was like having family helping with our project. We will definitely use Ryan for all our future landscaping needs and highly recommend him for yours”

Derek & Natalie

Hanover, PA

Patios, Ponds, Walks, Hanover, Pa Ryan's LandscapingWater Gardens, Patios, Walkways, Hanover, PA  Ryan's Landscaping




Hanover Pavers Chocolate Tan Walkway Installation Ryan's Landscaping

Grace from Hanover says…

“Ryan, the walkway looks awesome!  Thanks for all your hard work and wonderful design.”

Hanover, PA

Hanover Pavers Chocolate Tan Walkway Installation  Ryan's LandscapingHanover Pavers Chocolate Tan Walkway Installation  Ryan's Landscaping